K-2 GT Enrichment Classes

K-2 GT Enrichment Classes

Aug. 22 – 26 = This week in GT, kindergarten through 2nd grade learned about Andy Acid and Annie the Alligator.  Andy and Annie are part of the Quirkle series.  The Quirkle Unit helps instill a love for learning and a love and excitement for science in students.  The students will learn new words (ask your student what an abdomen is!), and will help them learn new concepts.


Aug. 29 – Sept. 2 = During week 2, GT Enrichment classes reviewed the story of Andy Acid and Annie the Alligator.  They then watched as I experimented with mixing acids and a base.  We used baking soda and watched for the bubbles as we added water, apple juice, and vinegar to the base.  The kids loved watching for the bubbles!   We also started our tooth experiment!  (Thanks to donations from the tooth fairy wink)!  We will continue over the next week to watch what happens to a tooth that is soaked in water, apple juice, vinegar, Diet Coke, and Dr. Pepper!


Sept. 6 – 9 = During week 3, we learned about Botanist Bert.  The students learned new words and their meaning including words like Botany and Begonia.

September 12 – 23 = These two weeks are all about colors as we read about the Quirkle named Colorful Caroline.  Colorful Caroline is a caring, compassionate Quirkle.  She helps her friends learn about the primary and secondary colors.  During class the students watched as I combined different primary colors of red, blue, and yellow to make the secondary colors of purple, orange, and green.  By the end of class, we had all the colors of the rainbow!

September 26 – 30 = This week we are learning about Density Dan.  The students will share their favorite things about the beach and ocean.  They will listen to the story of Density Dan and discover why Dipsey Dog floated in the ocean but not in the lake.  The students will also watch an experiment to discover if an egg floats or sinks!

October 3-7 = This week we are taking a break from the Quirkles to read “Where’s My Mummy?” by Carolyn Crimi.  

October 10-14 = We are learning about Ellie Electricity this week!  We will be reading about how she and her friend Effie Elf tamed the wild static electricity in Effie’s hair!  We will experiment with what happens to our own hair if we rub a wool cloth on a balloon.  We will also color a picture of Ellie Electricity.

October 17 – November 4 = All about Fall, October, and Halloween!  We will be creating new images using creativity and imagination.  We will also use listening skills to determine which trick or treater is being described during the lesson.  

November 7 – 11 = We will read about the Quirkle named Friction Fred. Students will learn about friction, what happens with the absence of friction on a slick surface, and use science processing skills to compare friction among various surfaces!  We will observe the soles of our shoes and try to get a metal spoon to stick to our noses!

November 28 – December 2 = We are learning about Gilbert Gas! Students will learn about carbon dioxide, and will be able to describe why green plants need carbon dioxide.  Students will watch experiments this week to explore the presence of carbon dioxide!

Dec. 5 – 9 = Quirkle Hallie Heat is teaching us all why it is better to wear light colors on a hot day and how heat travels!

January 2017 = We are learning about more Quirkles as the new year starts!  We will learn about Inquisitive Inman, Jazzy Jet, and Kitchen Chemistry Kal! 

February 2017 – February starts off with learning about groundhogs and Groundhog Day!  We will also continue learning about the Quirkles this month!

March 2017 – We have started the month of March off with being a little “Nosey” in GT.  The Quirkle, Nosey Nina, taught us how our sense of smell is connected to our taste buds.  We discovered that 2,000,000 people in the United States can’t smell!  We also figured out who has the best “sniffer” in each class!

Have a fun day,

Mrs. Emerson