5th Grade GT

August 2016

This week we are starting a unit called “Researching Myself.”  Your child will have 4 different assignments within this unit.  

  1.  The student will be creating a poster showing their family tree going back at least four generations.
  2. The students will research how to conduct an interview.  They will then create an interview document.  This interview will be conducted with a grandparent and will ask them about their childhood.  Bonus points if they create a video of the interview!
  3. Students will conduct an interview with their parents or grandparents asking about their first date.  Then they will create a drawing of the date with colors and markers.
  4. Students will pick a family member to interview and write a true story about their best day ever. 

The students will then make a power point presentation to the class including all 4 elements of the unit describing what they learned about their family and family history.

This unit will address the following GT Standards:  Affective Development, Research, and Presentation Skills



The Unit for September is Class Logos.  During this unit, the GT Students will learn about logos and the principles of effective logo design.  They will research famous logo designs and then create four different logo designs for our GT class.  During the creation process, the students will reference their tips and research.  The students will present their logo designs to the class for feedback.  Once the students have narrowed their choices down to a top design, the class will vote on the final logo for each GT class.  Each class (3rd-4th, 5th, & 6th) will vote on the overall winning design for the Hector 3rd through 6th grade GT Program and the final design will be made into a t-shirt for each GT student in 3rd through 6th grade.  It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see the designs they come up with!



The October History Unit is called “Trick or Treat History Cemetery.”  The students will choose one significant person from History to research.  The students will write a 1-2 minute monologue, create a tombstone for their person, dress up as their person, and showcase their talents at the Trick or Treat History Cemetery on October 25th from 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. in the Hector Elementary Activity Building.  We hope all parents will come “trick or treat” with us!



This month we are working on a Tower Unit.  We will be conducting some challenges involving marshmallows, spaghetti noodles, and pipe cleaners.  The students will use researching skills to find information on the tallest towers in the world and in the United States.


In the month of December, the GT students will be finishing up their tower presentations, and then they will start a Christmas Around the World Unit.  During the Christmas Unit, we will learn about how different countries celebrate Christmas, we will create new versions of the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” and we will be crafty while making Christmas crafts that represent how our chosen country celebrates the season.


January 2017

This month we are working on an Unsolved Mysteries Unit.  Students will chose an Unsolved Mystery to research.  They will then write about what they learned and give an opinion on the mystery.  The students will then present their findings either by Power Point presentation, poster, skit, or news report!

We are finishing off the month of January with a Snowflake Challenge!  The students have learned about snowflakes and how they are formed.  They have studied the science behind a snowflake, and they have started coming up with a snowflake design.  The design challenges them to create a 6-sided snowflake that is symmetrical and will be able to hang freely.

February – April 2017

The 5th grade students will be working on an archeological project called Project Dig for the rest of the semester.  During Project Dig, through a scientific method of inquiry (archeology) students will explore the concept of culture.  Using their newly acquired knowledge about what culture is, as a class, students will design their own culture.  They will then use archeological research methods to investigate a unique culture designed by another school and draw conclusions about the nature of that culture based on gathered evidence.

May 2017

Students will be completing their Project Dig unit, and they will present their information at the Project Dig Syposium on May 16th.  During the month of May, students will also be completing an independent study.  The Independent study will give students the opportunity to self-select and self-direct their own project.  Studetns will brainstorm ideas and develop a final product to share what they learned.  The study will help students to not only learn, but also develop new ideas, new interests, and new facets of different topics.