Signs of Dyslexia

Signs of Dyslexia


In Preschool

delayed speech

mixing up the sounds and syllables in long words

chronic ear infections

constant confusion of left versus right

late establishing a dominate hand

difficulty learning to tie shoes

trouble memorizing their address, phone number or alphabet

can’t create works that rhyme


In Elementary/Middle School


letter or number reversals continuing past the end of first grade

very slow, choppy, inaccurate reading

terrible spelling

often can’t remember sight words

when speaking, difficulty finding the correct word

extremely messy bedroom, backpack, desk

dreads going to school

difficulty with near-point copying

homework takes forever


In High School

All of the above symptoms plus:

limited vocabulary

extremely poor written expression

poor grades in many classes

extreme difficulty taking notes during lectures


A couple of things to know about dyslexia is that it is highly hereditary, and the poor reading and spelling scores are unexpected, compared to the child’s other grades.  To determine if a child has markers for dyslexia, look at their gifted areas.  They will be gifted in one or more of these areas.




*People Skills

*Mechanical Skills

*3 D Visualization (can see pictures in their mind when they are thinking)

*Creative, Global Thinkers (think outside of the box)

*Extremely Curious