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About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from Arkansas Tech University 

Degrees and Certifications:

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership

Professional Development:

Just this summer I attended a professional development involving RTI (Response to Interventions) to help struggling students

I have also attended a workshop on our new MAP testing system which will help guide teachers to better assist our students in their learning and academic success 

I have also attended a professional development concerning Arkansas History, and a workshop on involving students more in the learning process

Current Position:

I started teaching in 1999, and have been at Hector Elementary School since 1999. I have taught kindergarten through 4th grade during my years here at Hector.

Previous Position:

I did Home Day Care for 10 years before I starting my teaching career.

Family Information:

I am a Christian mother and put God first in my life. I am married with 5 children and 11 grandchildren. Each person in my family holds a very special place in my life and in my heart. I am blessed. 


My husband Duard and I were married in Atkins, AR in 2007. I have 3 children and He has 2. We almost made the Brady Bunch. Duard is an estimator at Hermin Benz Iron Works. I have been a teacher at Hector Elemenary School for the last 17 years.


My Daughter Christina and Son in Law Robert

they live in Haskel, AR

My daughter works for SWN as the PR person

They have two boys Jordan the oldest and Austin




Jordan has just entered into the Math and Science school in Hot Springs AR. We are so very proud of his accomplishments. Austin loves to play basketball and is very gifted in creating things and quite the business man. Austin is also in the GT program at school.

My Oldest son Richard lives in Florance Arizona. He is currently working as a manager and going to school for computer programming. My daughter in law Jenlyn is a home health care provider. Andrew attends a year round school in Florance, AZ. He likes school and his favorite subject is science, and he loves to play video games.


Johnathan passed away at 3 months old. We sure miss him.


Carlie and Sam live in Atkins AR. They work outages at various nuclear plants. We sure miss them when they’re gone. 


Raylee, Gavan, and Noah are some pretty special grandkids. So sweet. They love to be outdoors and play. Raylee and Gavan are homeschooled due to their dad’s job. 


Thomas works as a supervisor for Tucker Oil Company in Oklahoma. He’s gone quite a bit and we sure do miss him. My daughter in law Tami is a stay at home mom, but she does provide at home day care for some of the neighborhood families. They live in Greenbrier, Arkansas. Kaedyn loves soccer and is very good in math. Anabelle is into fashion and crafts. Her favorite subject is shopping, however she is also very smart and does very well in school as well. Both are in the GT program at thier schools. 

Whitney and Wesley live in Atkins, Arkansas. Whitney cleans homes part time and is mostly a stay at home mom. Wesley is a very good machanic. Wesley recently received a job offer for outages and will be starting in September. Tristan attends the Atkins Elementary School. Mason stays at home with mom and just drivers her crazy. He’s very active and loves to get into everything, but he sure is cute and fun to be around.



Personal Information:

I love my family and grandkids. I love to spend time with them when I can. However, I also love to do arts and crafts. My favorite is painting. I’ve painted a few murals. One for Tristan and Mason’s room, one for the church I attend in the toddler room and nursery, and I currently painted a beach scene in my classroom. 

Here are a few pictures of the mural I painted for my grandson’s room.

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